#Terms and Condition


The terms "we", "us", and "our" will be used in this agreement to refer to escrowpal.com and it's an owner(s) and operator(s). The following terms "your", "you", and "user" will also refer to the entity or individual accessing escrowpal.com or any person using its services.

Your Agreement to the Terms Accessing escrowpal.com or any of the services provided by it indicates your agreement with our complete terms and conditions. However, any item or section in this agreement that is found to be unenforceable by the court of law doesn't invalidate any other item or section.

Binding Escrow

Both the seller and the buyer can create escrow transactions, if a buyer sends money, this indicates that they agree with the terms of the escrow agreement. The seller indicates that he accepts the terms and conditions either a) creating the escrow transaction, or b) sending or delivering a product or service to the buyer. In case of dispute, both parties can present testimony and evidence to a panel of 3 judges who will decide the outcome of the case, one of the following:

  • Money-back to the buyer,
  • Give the money to the seller,
  • A 50/50 distribution of funds between the buyer and the seller, or In the rare case, a decision cannot be made, the money is released to a registered charity 501 (c) (3) of our choice and the transaction ID published on our website.
  • The results of the dispute are final and cannot be appealed.


We make every effort to guarantee the reliability and security of our services, but we cannot be responsible in any way for the fluctuations in market exchange rates or loss of funds. Examples in which money can be lost (but not limited to these examples) are technical problems, third party interference such as hacking or DDoS or problems with cryptocurrencies themselves, such as software errors or 51% attacks. All arbitration results are binding and final, you agree not to try any advertising actions or legal actions against us if you are not satisfied with the decision.


We consider many security measures, which include, among others: Two-factor authentication (2FA) by Google Authenticator or email. All the passwords are saved as a single script hash, which is then encrypted with AES. TLS encryption between you and our servers to protect against listeners. Account locks to prevent your password from having to guess brutally. There are no coins on this server, which reduces the incentives to hack. All confidential information, such as the surname and name, the description of the security deposit, the payment addresses of the cryptocurrencies, etc., are stored under AES encryption. Protection against cross-site scripting (XSS) and SQL injection attacks.